If you’re an Edmonton business, solopreneur, or family looking for updated photos that are bright, bold, and fun, then I’m the photographer for you.

Lindsey here!

If you ask me, I think it’s worth documenting all the changes that your greatest milestones and Accomplishments bring.

Do you ever look at your photo library and realize months — even years — have gone by since a refresh? Perhaps your brand has changed, your hairstyle isn’t the same, or your kids have grown another foot!

There were a couple of pivotal moments that sparked my career in photography.

The first was when I went to the 2016 Canmore, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton Folk Fests, where I brought my camera so I could photograph live shows; the second was when I went to a camera sale at the Orange Hub in 2017 and decided to buy an old film camera that I had no clue would work or not (spoiler: it worked.)

I adore how my digital camera enables me to act quickly, capturing your fleeting moments without hesitation! And I’m comforted by the slow and steady nature of film, encouraging me to think more deeply about my composition and focus in order to create perfectly imperfect images for you.

If you ask me, I believe having a combo of both at a session is *chefs kiss*.

Why "Understudy Studio"? Just as an understudy in the theatre world learns from seasoned performers, waiting in the wings for their moment, I play a similar role as a photographer. I am always learning and observing, eagerly awaiting to step behind the camera and capture your stories. Understudies may take on many different roles when they aren't performing, and as a photographer, you can find me planning out and setting up the lighting for a shoot, location scouting, and collaborating with clients to ensure our performance goes off without a hitch! And if you know me, you know I love spotting patterns, so I couldn't pass up having repeating "st" sounds between understudy and studio.

I deliver photo galleries that bring a smile to your face, warm your heart, and that you can look back on for years to come.

I’m a lover of digital and film, and I’m delighted to offer you
the best of both worlds.

Collaborating with you from session planning to gallery delivery

Leaving room for spontaneity and laughter during sessions

Allowing my heart and my gut to help me make creative decisions

Making time for family, friends, neighbourhood cats, and patio beers

I believe in:

"[Lindsey] gives great ideas, invests a ton of time into making sure she knows what you want, and nails it every time!"

"The level of comfort Lindsey gave me before, during and after our shoot was remarkable."

"Lindsey was able to help me crystallize my hazy vision and turn it into something fun and beautiful."


here's where it gets

Myers Briggs: ENFP
Enneagram: Type 7
Human Design: Manifesting Generator
Astrology: Libra Sun, Virgo Rising, Capricorn Moon.
Comfort Shows: Travel vloggers on YouTube — Kara & Nate, Eamon & Bec, The Endless Adventure, and Flying the Nest, etc.
On Repeat: FIDLAR - By Myself. I swear, if I’m feeling down, this song picks me right back up. If I want to sit in my feelings for a while, then I’ll be listening to Gregory Alan Isakov.
Go-To Snack: Tangy All Dressed Doritos (limited edition, so you should for sure try them.)
The Snack I Wish I had More Of: Egg salad sandwiches from Japanese konbinis.
Stories I Love To Tell: The time I hitched a ride from Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington State back to Calgary, AB. The time I ran into Josh Klinghoffer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in a downtown Edmonton cafe. The time that I was asked to be the sole photographer at a Bon Iver concert in Edmonton (and why I declined it.)
Time Moves Quickly When: I’m learning all I can about Photoshop and Lightroom.