You care about having a library of beautiful photos, but being the picture-taker when you’d rather be in the pictures puts an unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Whether you’re hosting an event, marketing your growing business, or just trying to enjoy everyday life with your family, my goal is for you to focus on what’s right in front of you and trust me to document it all, creating images that will liven up your photo library.

You are deserving of bold, vibrant, and exquisite photos that feel like a breath of fresh air.

I get it — living in the moment can be a real struggle when you're trying to capture every moment yourself.





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If you can’t find me dreaming up photoshoot ideas or drooling over my latest film scans, I’m probably playing with my daughter, watching travel vloggers on YouTube with my husband, or having a couch cuddle with my tabby, Ruth.

My name’s Lindsey — an Edmonton-based photographer known for creating images that will make you say, “whoa.”


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You deserve to have photos that you can’t wait to share.